Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Photoshop Pictures!!

Citizen Jane Film Festival

Monday, October 6, 2008

Denise McGill

On Friday I got the opportunity to meet a professional photographer. Her name is Denise McGill. She travels to other countries around the world and takes pictures of different things such as the AIDS epidemic. She had a variety of different pictures up for display, each with their own story, one always very different then the other. I was very moved by her work so I asked her about it. I asked her if people were her favorite subject to photograph since most of her pictures were of people of all different ages and she said yes. I asked her about her relationship between the people she is photographing and her. She said she tells the people that she wants to take pictures of them and share their story with the world and then starts shooting away. She said sometimes it may get awkward if her subject is struggling through a crisis or problem but she is there to do her job so she said she still takes pictures of them even if their going through something unfortunate. It really was an honor getting to meet her and see her work and hear her talk about it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I got to play with an AWESOME EXPENSIVE digital camera today!!!!

So this weekend I got to play with a really nice canon slr camera. And of course I loved it and now I want one!!! But here are some picture of what I did with the camera. Some are photoshopped and some are not. Enjoy :)

This first one is taken at the dance studios. I zoomed in and focused on the doorway which made the ballet bar blurry.

In this one I focused only on the ballet bar making everything around and behind it blurry. This is an example of depth of field.
This picture is similar to the first ones I zoomed in on the arm of the bench that is in the bottom of the picture which made it blurry. Then that made the rest of the bench focused but everything behind it still blurry.

This one was pretty cool. This is down at the roots and blues festival. This lady walked in my shot at just the right time. I was using a low shutter speed so since she was in motion when the picture she is blurry and all the objects and people around that are not moving, are in focus :)
Again, this is just me being stupid and playing with the settings. This is me in the mirror of the dance studios using a high shutter speed.
And this is me in the mirror moving my leg and using a slow shutter speed so it made me blurry since my whole body was moving.

This is another example of a high shutter speed. I walked by this squirrel on the way back from the roots and blues festival and as I walked by he didnt even budge. I was only a few feet away from him so I decided to take advantage of the brave little squirrel. He was eating this nut that is in his hands and so I set a high shutter speed and snapped this picture. His little hands and head is moving but you cant tell because of the shutter speed being so high :)

These next 2 are really cool. I was messing with the aperture I focused the lens on the tree bark and then moved the shot over and took the picture, making the grass and building behind it blurry.
Then for this one I focused the lens only on the grass and building, then moved the shot over to the tree and took the picture, and that made the tree blurry but everything else focused :)
This is while I was taking picture of the tree. I saw a guy coming so I set up my shot and took it right as he went by and it made him and the background blurry but the tree remained in focus. This is a result of a slow shutter speed and a big aperture.

The next few are like the pictures above of the bench and ballet bar. This is of the piano taken in the ballet studio that our accompanist plays. Basically I kept changing the aperture then focusing the lens on different parts of the piano.
I also photoshopped these pictures a tiny bit. All I did was increase the contrast and then change the brightness level if needed.
(The one below is one of my favs)
This one is taken at a different angle then the rest. I focused on the piano and the dance studio and bars are all out of focus.
The part closest to the camera is in focus and everything else isnt. I love this one :)

These little girls were playing in the creek down at the roots and blues festival. I set the shutter speed really high so they wouldnt be blurry for this. They are actually running around on the rocks but because of the high shutter speed they are totally in focus :) I also photoshopped this one I just thought it was cute to have them be the only thing in color.
But, here I just changed the contrast so you can get the full effect.

So, this is a little bit of what I did on my saturday. And I definatelt will have a camera like this on my christmas list this year! It is so much fun to take pictures with this kind of camera. What do you think? Which ones are your favorites? I am excited because next weekend is a 3 day weekend and I am going home and hopefully taking pictures of Kayla and Amelia (2 little girls I babysit) Kayla is 8 and adorable, and Amelia is 2 and adorable. She is the same little girl I took pictures of earlier in the ballet outfit. I want to take them to the park and take pictures of them playing together. Do you think thats a good idea?



Dance Girlies!

Dance Girlies!

My Favorite little girl Kayla boo

My Favorite little girl Kayla boo