Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My word inspiration! Can you guess what my word is?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Final Photo!

I love BOTH of these pictures and I dont know which one to use for the final!! Any suggestions? which one do you like better???

More Photoshop Pictures!!

This is a pic I took in Florida of the ocean.
Another pic from Florida. A starfish came ashore :)
Me just randomly running around MU campus and taking pictures lol here is the pillars in one of their parks.

My Edited bird bath/object.
My doggy :) hes so cute!!
hehe I love this one of him!!
And I definately love this one of him its my favorite one I think :)

New Assignment! Framing a picture

Part one: Word Inspiration
I felt the top picture did not work very well to express my word. I dont like the angle of the womans hand on top of the mans. The hands make a weird angle and look somewhat distorted.

I like the bottom picture a lot though. It works better because the two hands are not in the same position. They are also interacting with each other rather then just displaying something.

Part two: Object or body part
For this part of the assignment I chose a bird bath as my object. The top one is the one I dont like. The bird bath is too centered and too symetrical. It makes the picture boring to look at because not much is going on. Your eye doesnt focus on anything but the bath itself which is not what I was going for.

The picture below I feel is a lot more interesting. The bird bath is off to the side of the frame which opens up the picture and allows you to look at the bird bath but also the building and nature that is behind it.

Part 3: Landscape

For this part of the assignment I chose a landscape that had more going on then just classic land and then sky. I took many pictures of this area in different ways. The picture above I dont feel worked very well overall. I dont like the building in the background of the tree because it makes the nature part go away a little bit I feel. I also dont like that the tree is smack in the middle, drawing our eyes to it.

The bottom picture I feel worked a lot better. I like that you can see mostly grass but a small piece of sidewalk on the lower left side. I also like that the tree is a little off center from the frame because I think it makes it look more interesting. Overall there is more to look at and less to get distracted by in this picture.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am in L O V E with these edited photos!!! :)

This is my second attempt at a collage for Amelia I like it a lot better then the first one.

This is the first collage I made. It took forever! And, aside from the cut outs around the 4 small pictures I still like it. She is just too stinkin cute to make any picture with her in it look bad. :)

I just brightened this one. It's one of the few close ups I got of her where she was'nt blinking lol.
I cropped this picture of kat and carson. And, I changed the color of her shirt so they have a little more color too them.

I also cropped this one and zoomed in on it. I changed some of the colors as well to make them less intense. I like this better because it makes your eyes focus more on the people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Photography Assignment #3 (Photo Critique)

This weekend I went home for my moms birthday so I decided to take advantage of the firmiliar space and people and take a lot of pictures. I first took pictures of the little girl I babysit. She is 2 years old and her name is Amelia. I got her dressed up in a ballet outfit with a few props to go with it and we went down to my basemtent and had so much fun taking pictures. She is such a ham and she loves being in front of the camera. I got some really great shots of her.

Then next I took pictures of my best friend Kathryn and her 3 year old son Carson. Carson is wild and crazy and sometimes Kathryn wants to pull her hair out but their unconditional love for one another was what I most wanted to capture in my pictures. So, we went to one of the local parks and while they played and looked at things, I took pictures. Trying to capture that unspoken bond between a mother and her child. I think all of the pictures I took capture that because you cant hide your true feelings for another person from the camera.

I love to take pictures of people doing anything to express love or any other emotion. The expressive element is definately what I wanted to focus most on for this assignment.

In this picture Amelia is trying on a pair of pointe shoes. For those who dont know when you begin ballet you have to go many many years and get strong feet and ankles before you can have your own pointe shoes. Any little girl who loves to take ballet aspires to be on pointe someday. To me, this picture represents a little ballerinas hope of getting her own pointe shoes one day and how much she aspires and looks up to the girl who's shoes she is trying on.

In the photoshopped image I defined the colors and contrast more to make it more interesting to look at. I also began experimenting with different tools. I copied the picture in the top right corner as a kind of representation to what this little girls hopes to be able to do someday.

This next picture is the picture I want to use for the class critique. It is of Kathryn and her son Carson walking around the park. I like this picture because they are holding hands and looking at one another, once again showing their love for each other. I also like the water and trees in front of them. It gives a very calming effect to the picture.

In the photoshopped photo I enhanced the contrast and brightness. Then I kept the subjects in color and made the rest of the photo black and white. I did this because I want the main focus of the viewers to be on Kathryn and Carson. I really like how this picture turned out because despite most of the picture being black and white, there are still some really vivid colors in this picture.

In this picture Kathryn and Carson are on the bridge at the park. She kept holding him up and kissing his tummy and blowing on it, of course making Carson laugh uncontrollably. I like this picture because I caught that moment in Carson of pure delight and happiness in his face.

In the photoshopped photo I enhanced mainly the green in his shirt but I also enhanced all the colors and the contrast between them all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jeremy Baker (Photographer, assignment #2)

The person I chose to do this assignment on is my high school photography and art teacher. His name is Jeremy Baker and he is thirty four years old. He was born in Myrtle Beach, SC and he moved to Independence Missouri when he was about five. Today he lives in Blue Springs Missouri and teaches art and photography at Blue Springs South High School. He is married and has two beautiful little boys.

Jeremy’s interest in photography began when he was in high school. He took a basic level photography class and did very well, so he decided to explorer further into the world of photography. He likes to take picture of everything so it was difficult for him to pick just one kind of photography that is his favorite. His boys are two of his favorite subjects though, so portraits are one kind of photography he does and does well. He told me a story about another kind of photography he likes to do as well. Every once in a while he will take someone’s senior portraits and if they are outside or anywhere and Jeremy finds something that catches his attention, the senior pictures get put on hold and he goes off and takes pictures of nature or any other number of things he happens to see.

Before I talk about the picture he took I’m going to share a little background of the picture and why Jeremy decided to take it and what the picture means to him. The image is of his son Kylan. He took it when he and his family were on vacation at a beach in North Carolina. Jeremy grew up around the beach every summer, so the ocean was nothing new to him, but for his sons, it was the first time they had ever seen the ocean. He told me that his entire family went to the beach one day and Kylan just walked into the water and felt it. It was a very solemn moment. Jeremy took the shot and later did some edits on Photoshop. He took the color out of the ocean and left it in the child. To Jeremy, the picture represents the curiosity of a child, their ability to soak-in their surroundings, and basically the life created and sustained by the ocean.

In this photo, the first place my eye moves to is the child. With mostly the water in the picture the eye automatically focuses on the main place of interest, or the place where there is the most going on, and in this picture it is the child feeling the ocean water. This photo is very expressive to me. The little curious child is feeling the water and touching for the first time something that is so much bigger then him. To me, it represents the innocence and curiosity of a child, which is a very expressive meaning.

This picture is not only a portrait, but a landscape as well. The ocean makes some nice organic shapes in the picture but is has representational shapes as well (I.E. the child). The areas that are the sharpest and stand out the most is the child in the water, where the water is all flowing together and not really standing out as much as the child.

There are definitely shadows in the water and also in the wave that is coming up in the distance. The natural light in the photo provides us with the information that it was day time when the picture was taken. There is also a very soft light to the picture, perhaps the kind of light that would appear just after a rain storm. There are also a lot of evident lines in the picture as well. The most prominent one is that of the ocean line meeting with the sky. It is a very thick, straight line and it doesn’t interfere with the subject of the photo which makes the line even more noticeable. There are also many lines in the ocean water itself which creates the illusion of the ocean moving towards the camera.

There is a lot of depth in the picture. You can clearly see that the sky is very far away behind the child, who is close up to the camera. The flowing ocean water creates the effect of depth in the picture. The texture of the water is also very prominent in this picture. If someone were to feel the picture they would feel water and the bubbles on the surface of it. The picture also has a lot of color value. There are very clear lights and darks in the picture. The lightest values are the bubbles in the water and the sky, and the darkest values are the wave coming up on the right side and the child’s shorts.

Overall, this is a great picture because it has great composition, lines, and value, as well as meaning. This picture can be interpreted many different ways but any way you look at it, it is still a beautiful picture of a small child feeling the big ocean, for the first time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Photoshop edits!!

Owl Butterfly :)
I colored my once pink pointe shoes blue :)
this butterfly was hiding behind the leaves i thought it was so cute!
my pointe shoes with increased contrast so the colors stand out more.
I increased the colors and intensity of the colored pencils.
My dog bagel :) I made him a little darker so the light didnt reflect off his white fur so much. Before he looked really washed out.
This plant used to be green but I increased the contrast and then re-colored the 2 leaves at the bottom and made them green again.
This butterfly was orange and black sitting on a green and white leaf.
This picture looks a lot more professional and the colors are more intense.
This is my first project I turned in for my drawing class. Its not a photoshop pic but hey I got a good grade so what the heck right?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got photoshop on my own computer!!! :)

This is a picture of me, Katie and Kirstie!! I did some edits and I really like it!
This is my friends little boy Carson. Is he not the cutest thing ever?!?! I didnt use photoshop on this one I edited it with another online program but I still really like it.
And, this one is my favorite butterfly picture I took at the butterfly gardens. I sharpened up the colors and made them more vivid then the original.



Dance Girlies!

Dance Girlies!

My Favorite little girl Kayla boo

My Favorite little girl Kayla boo